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Our Vision

The Boozy Bakery @ JJ’s Wine Spirit & Cigars

Since we opened up shop in July of 2018, I have been asked where the inspiration for The Boozy Bakery came from.  A bakery in a liquor store…the road was an interesting one!  Anyone who knows me, understands my love of baking; it’s something I’ve been doing since I was a child. 

First, falling in love with baking while making cookies, quick breads and pies at home with my Mom. Then in college, venturing into making more ethnic food and dessert when I worked at a small Lebanese-owned grocery and deli in Minneapolis. That time truly expanded my view of what was possible in a food setting. 

After college, I tested those skills bringing baked good to any and every staff meeting at jobs that I held. In 1998, when my husband Tom left the restaurant/bar/accounting business to take up the helm at JJ’s Wine Spirits & Cigars, I opened my own catering business, Classic Chef - fully immersing myself in the food service industry in Sioux Falls.  When we had the opportunity to purchase JJ’s from the previous owner - that’s when the real fun began!  

Through the years, in my spare time, I toyed around with baking cookies, cake, cupcakes, bars and candies with some of the adult beverage items that we sold in the store.  We used this as a chance to test recipes and dig into what could really be done creatively with booze and baked goods.  Customers were the happy recipients of free desserts!  

By 2016 I was really itching to get back into the food business, but this time I wanted to focus on the one thing I had little time to do during my catering days – baking.  At that time we were planning to expand JJ’s, and Tom and I thought it was a good time to add a bakery into the mix.  And The Boozy Bakery was born!  Our goal – to bring to the public homemade baked goods with an elegant feel and a splash of boozy fun!   


Vision Statement To provide our customers with superior boozy baked goods made with the highest quality ingredients with a homemade feel.